Who can create Export Pre-Advise?

Shipping Line, Shipping Agents, Box Operators, Custom House Agent, Freight Forwarder & Exporter can create an Export Pre-Advise. An Export pre-advise created by any party other than the Shipping Line / Shipping Agent / Box Operator needs to be approved by respective Shipping Line / Shipping Agent / Box Operator.

Who can cancel Export Pre advise?

Only the party who has initially created the Export Pre-advise can cancel it. The party needs to provide appropriate reasons before cancelling the Export Pre-advise.

Who can submit VGM request?

Any party who has created or has been nominated to an Export pre-advise can submit a VGM request for approval of Shipping Line / Shipping Agent / Box Operator.

How Can I submit a VGM Request?

Under MANAGE go to EGATEPASS tab and search for export EGATEPASS. Select the check box against the required export EGATEPASS and click on the EDIT button. If Shipping Line has requested for a VGM submission, then mandatory VGM attachment option is visible in EDIT screen. Upload the duly signed & stamped VGM Annexure 1 (approved format) and Submit. The export EGATEPASS status changes from OPEN/NOMINATED to SUBMITTED. Once Shipping Line approves the status changes to APPROVED / ACTIVE. The export EGATEPASS can be printed when in ACTIVE status.  

What should I do if the status of Egatepass is rejected or expired status?

In case the status of Export Egatepass is REJECTED then party needs to correct the “VGM Annexure 1” and resubmit for Shipping Line approval again.  

In case the status of the Export Egatepass is EXPIRED than a fresh Export Preadvise needs to be created and submitted. The expired Export preadvise cannot be used

In case the status of Import Egatepass is EXPIRED then party needs to request to increase the validity of the Import Release (Delivery Order) as per Shipping Line process.

What should I do if the status of my Egatepass is in queued or failed status?

In case status of egatepass goes into QUEUED/FAILED status then please contact Cargoes Community Customer Support Teams for further assistance on in-support@community.cargoes.com.

In case of FAILED status user can check the error by clicking on the EGP ID hyperlink. The reason for failure is mentioned on the top in red colour.

PROCESS AT IGTPL, COCHIN: In case issue is unresolved for 7 minutes then the system allows user to print a draft egatepass. User needs to take the draft egatepass to the terminal documentation center for further validation and processing.

PROCESS AT ALL OTHER TERMINALS: User needs to wait for the issue to be resolved before the system allows the egatepass to be printed. User is advised not to send the trailer without a valid egatepass to the terminal.

How do I take print of Egatepass in Open status?

Under MANAGE open EGATEPASS tab and search for the concerned egatepass.


  1. Select the check box next to EGP ID and click on EDIT button. The egatepass edit screen opens. Provide all the mandatory container details and upload mandatory attachments. Submit the completed egatepass. The status of egatepass will change from “OPEN/NOMINATED” to “SUBMITTED/APPROVED”. In case the status is “SUBMITTED” it means the concerned Shipping Line needs to approve the egatepass.

  2. Once egatepass is in “APPROVED” status, user needs to again select the EGP ID and click on NOMINATE button to nominate the truck & driver. On submitting the nominated truck & driver, status of egatepass will change to “ACTIVE”. User can now print the egatepass.


  1. Select the check box next to EGP ID and click on NOMINATE button.

  2. Nominate the truck & driver and submit.

  3. Status of egatepass will change to “ACTIVE”. User can now print the egatepass.

The parties nominated in the Egatepass can print the Egatepass and move the container inside the terminal till the status is ACTIVE.

Who can register in Cargoes Community?

Any USER can register on Cargoes Community by providing his basic credentials. To use Cargoes Community Services the USER has to either REGISTER his company or CONNECT to a Company already registered on Cargoes Community.

Following Role Types can register as a Company in Cargoes Community. Each Company can register for multiple DP World Terminals in India:

  1. Shipping Line

  2. Shipping Agent

  3. Container Freight Station (CFS)/Inland Container Depot (ICD)

  4. Customs House Agent (CHA)

  5. Freight Forwarder

  6. Empty Yard

  7. Transporter Company / Container Train Operator (CTO)

  8. Importer/Exporter (DPD/DPE)

  9. Weighbridge Operator

To register USER needs to visit and click on SIGN UP button to submit his registration request. Please contact our customer support teams on in-support@community.cargoes.com in case you face any difficulties during registration.

What can I do in case I forget my username or password?

In case you forget your username or password, you can retrieve the same. Open community.cargoes.com/in and click on LOGIN button. On Login screen click on Forgot Username/Password link.  Provide the registered Email ID/Username. A verification link will be sent on your registered email address. Click on the RESET PASSWORD button on this email to reset your password.

What should be done if I am unable to find Egatepass of a container in Cargoes Community?

There could be multiple reasons because of which this may happen:

  1. Sipping Line has not yet created the transaction for that container or has cancelled the transaction.

  2. Shipping Line has created the transaction but forgot to nominate you to the transaction.

  3. Shipping Line has created the transaction but has nominated the wrong party to the transaction.

Also, we suggest you should try to search the record with your booking/delivery order number as there are many scenarios in which shipping line may create transactions without a container number.

I have input wrong container details and printed Egatepass. Can I correct the details and reprint Egatepass? Can I manually overwrite the Egatepass and use?

Manually overwritten Egatepass will not be accepted by the Terminal and may lead to rejection of trailer at Terminal Gate. We suggest you correct the details in Cargoes Community and reprint the Egatepass. First check the status of the Egatepass. If it is in OPEN/NOMINATE status, then select and press the edit button to amend the require details. After amending re-submit the Egatepass.

If the Egatepass is in ACTIVE status, then you need to select the record and first click on CANCEL. Status will change from ACTIVE to OPEN/APPROVED. Select the record again and click on EDIT to make the necessary changes.

While creating/amending export pre-advise or Egate pass, required commodity description is not available.

You may select commodity description in the available list which closely resembles your commodity. Also please do inform Cargoes Community Customer Support Team with the actual description of the commodity so that they may get your commodity updated in the system. Usually, it takes 24 hrs to update a commodity.


My Egatepass is not changing to Active Status. It remains in Open or Nominated status. What should I do?

In case of Export container-All mandatory details have not been provided. Select the record and click on EDIT button. On the EDIT page ensure all mandatory details have been input. The record will move to ACTIVE status once we receive a confirmation from the terminal.

In case of Import container- If the Container status is DISCHARGE RECONCILE then you need to wait for the status to change to DISCHARGED. The EGP Status will automatically change to ACTIVE. You can select the record and click on REFRESH STATUS button to check the current status of Container.

Unable to create Import Release as error message says PLEASE PROVIDE VALID CONTAINERS. What is the issue?

This could happen due to multiple reasons.

  1. The Import Release for containers have already been created in BT.

  1. The containers have not yet been updated by terminal.

  1. The container number being used is not provided in the IAL submitted to the terminal.

Kindly contact Cargoes Community Customer Support Team for resolution. 

How to submit EGP to avoid error regarding valid gate open and gate cut off time?

In order to avoid any error due to Gate Open/Cut off we suggest you closely monitor the Gate Open/ Cut-off timings published by Shipping Lines & Terminal Operators. You need to ensure to adhere to the timings. In case you still get this error than you need to contact the concerned Shipping Line / Terminal for late Gate In.

How can I update details of my Export Container after it has been gated into the Terminal?

Cargoes Community does not allow any change in container details after Gate in at the Terminal. You will need to request the Shipping Line / Terminal directly for making the change. SSR Charges could be applicable for such changes.

We are working on a digital SSR solution so that you may request for the changes in container details directly on Cargoes Community. We will update you once it is available.

My account is locked, how I can unlock it?

Your account will usually get locked due to unauthorized login attempts or using wrong password multiple times. You need to contact your Company Admin for Cargoes Community Account to unlock your account. In case of any difficulties, you may contact Cargoes Community Customer Support Team for assistance.

What kind of different reports are available in Cargoes Community?

Each search screen of Cargoes Community has the option of downloading a pdf or excel report of the searched results. Additionally, following reports are currently available.  

  1. Scheduled VOA report – Only for Vessel Operating Agent

  2. Imp/Exp tally report – Only for Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents, Box Operators

  3. Pendency report – For Import Containers

I have submitted an Import Release, but it is in failed status with error – “Container belongs to another DO/SMTP”. What should I do?

You need to report the transaction details to Cargoes Community Customer Support Team for resolving this issue. Normally it takes about an hour to get such issues resolved.

How to take print if the status of the Export Egatepass is in submitted status?

Cargoes Community will not allow printing of egatepass in submitted status because it is waiting for VGM approval by the Shipping Line. Once approved the status will automatically change to Active and then you may take the print. In case you are in a hurry than we suggest you contact the concerned Shipping Lines directly for approval. You may also escalate the issue to Cargoes Community Customer Support Team. We will try to solicit the support of the concerned Shipping Lines for prompt approval.


Who needs to approve Import Release in submitted status to make it Active?

 Movement Orders: Shipping Line needs to approve the record. 

Import Release (DPD): Terminal needs to approve the record.

 Is it possible to nominate a CFS in Export Preadvise?

CFS can be nominated in the Export Pre advise (EPA) or Import release (IR) section. Kindly follow below steps,


  1. Select "MANAGE" > SHIPMENT > Export Preadvise/ Import Release.

  2. Select the Export Preadvise / Import Release which has to be nominated by clicking on hyperlink.

  3. In the NOMINATION section click on the "+" button.

  4. Select company Type as CFS/ICD

  5. Search for the CFS and select the correct CFM and submit.


 NOTE: CFS should be registered in Cargoes Community and should have a valid Cargoes Community account in order to access the records.

I have registered in Cargoes Community, but Shipping Lines is unable to find my correct details for nomination. What details should I provide to Shipping Line so that he can correctly nominate the transaction to me?

You need to provide the correct Company Name or Company Ref or Identifier as registered in Cargoes Community.

 How should I nominate multiple CFS in the same Export Preadvise?

As per current architecture of Cargoes Community it is not possible to nominate multiple CFS to an Export preadvise. Only single CFS nomination is possible.

As a temporary solution you may alternatively use the Nominate Transporter/CTO field in the Egatepass of the individual containers to nominate any CFS. Most of the CFS have also been registered as a transporter to facilitate this nomination. In case you are unable to find the CFS for nomination then kindly request Cargoes Community Customer Support Team for assistance.